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CasaNet only certifies companies who strictly apply the following:



This Code of Ethics applies to all Member Agents of the CasaNet, their staff and agents who work within their companies. It is the responsibility of Member Agents to ensure that they, their staff and their agents know and understand their obligations to all parties who are covered by the conditions of this Code.

Duties to Vendors & Buyers

Article 1
When representing a vendor or buyer, Member Agents pledge themselves to protect and promote the interests of their clients. Members Agents shall deal fairly and honestly in a professional and courteous manner with all parties involved.

Article 2
Member Agents shall hold in a client account in an appropriate financial institution, separate from their own working funds, any monies coming into their possession from purchasing clients.

Article 3
Member Agents shall disclose all information on typical costs of any transaction in a full, fair and accurate manner.

Article 4
Member Agents shall ensure that the description of a property for sale is accurate and complete and fully reflects all details as provided by the vendor. Property details shall conform to Decree 218 (Andalucía) containing;
1) Copy of title need or Nota Simple
2) First occupation license (if applicable)
3) IBI receipt
4) Garbage tax/year (receipt)
5) Community fees/year (receipt)
They will, to the best of their ability, complete the appropriate paperwork indicating the details of the property and will diligently confirm all details with the vendor in order to provide comprehensive information to prospective clients.

Article 5
Members must respect the agreed commission rate with their clients and not deal on a “net to vendor” basis.

Article 6
All resale properties listed on the CN database have a signed contract confirming the rights of all Member Agents to offer these properties for sale at the stated price.

Article 7
Member Agents shall not offer for sale or advertise property at a price different from that agreed with the seller and confirmed on a CN contract.

Article 8
Member Agents, for the protection of all parties, shall ensure that all agreements shall be in writing and shall be in clear and understandable language, expressing the specific terms, conditions, obligations and commitments of the parties. A copy of each agreement shall be furnished to each party upon their signing or initialling.

Article 9
Member Agents shall, prior to the signing of agreements, fully inform the signing party of all potential expenses for which they may be liable.

Article 10
Member Agents shall treat all information and data collected by themselves or their staff, whether regarding vendors or buyers, in accordance with current legislation regarding data protection. That obligation to preserve confidential information continues after termination of any and all business relationships. Member Agents shall not knowingly, during or following the termination of professional relationships with their clients:
1. Reveal confidential information of clients; or
2. Use confidential information of clients to the disadvantage of clients; or
3. Use confidential information of clients for the Member Agent's advantage or
The advantage of third parties unless:
a) Clients consent to full disclosure; or
b) Member Agents are required by court order; or
It is the intention of a client to commit a crime and the information is necessary to prevent the crime; or
It is necessary to defend a Member Agent or the Member Agent's employees or agents against an accusation of wrongful conduct.

Duties to the Public

Article 11
Member Agents shall not deny equal professional services to any person for reasons of race, colour, religion, sex, handicap or national origin.

Article 12
Member Agents shall endeavour at all times to present a true picture in their advertising and representations to the public. (Conform to Decree 218)

Article 13
All members have since membership to CN a clean and legal record of trading.

Duties to other Agents

Article 14
Member Agents shall never publicly discredit a competitor nor knowingly nor recklessly make false or misleading statements about competitors, their business, or their business practices.

Article 15
Member Agents shall not seek information about a competitor's transaction for the purpose of closing a transaction himself; or for the purpose of interfering with any other contractual undertaking.

Article 16
Agents shall not offer directly to the members of staff of other Member Agents any inducements to sell property listed by them without the express permission of the employers of those members of staff.

Article 17
All dealings concerning CN listed property shall be carried out with the Listing Agent and not with the seller, unless with the previous consent of the Listing Agent.

Article 18
Members must respect a colleague’s listing, once they have seen it, for a minimum period of 3 months after the viewing, even if the vendor has subsequently approached the member directly.

Article 19
In the event of a dispute concerning an CN related issue between Member Agents which can not be settled following representations to the Rules and Ethics Committee of the Board, all parties agree to submit the dispute to a lawyer appointed by the CN Board of Directors, and agree to be bound by the decision of said lawyer.

Compliance and enforcement of rules

Article 20
The CN Board of Directors shall give consideration to all written complaints or submissions from Members or clients having to do with violations of the Code of Ethics, Rules and Regulations.

Article 21
If an alleged offence of a violation has occurred, it will be considered and, if a violation is determined, the CN Board of Directors may direct the imposition of a suspension or permanent termination of Membership.

Article 22
If no written appeal has been lodged with the CN Board within seven (7) days after serving written notice of the findings, the party against whom the findings are made shall comply with said findings.

Article 23
Members shall be responsible for the actions of their personnel and officers and at all times shall exclude the CN and its respective officers and employees from any liability of whatever nature arising from any action taken by, or agreement entered into, by the employees or representatives of said Members.

Article 24
Failure to comply with the findings of the Network Board shall be grounds for suspension or expulsion from the CN.

Article 25
In the event of the CN terminating its services to a Member, all paid Membership fees, charges and any other payments will be forfeited by said member at the date of termination.

Article 26
The Board of Directors of the CN shall have the right to amend these Code of Ethics (including any Attachments hereto) from time to time.

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